reallyamermaid (reallyamermaid) wrote in overheardinwv,

Is Your Co-Mod The Only One who Giggles at This Overseen?

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You nasty, bebbeh!! LOL!
So where IS this joint?
It's on the way from here to Calhoun County. Probably in Roane County. I'll ask Mike. I giggle every time and he ignores me.
YES! I must show my husband. We must GO THERE. This is too good to be true. lol
Turns out it's in Calhoun County near a place called Arnoldsberg.
Fair enough. Road trip!!
Hmmm. Could you take the Ivydale exit and get there? Is it actually ON Route 16?
You take 79N to the Big Otter exit. And it is right on the main road. Two routes come together, forming a Y in the road.
But of course! At the Y in the road! bwaahahahaha!!
I don't get it. Am I seeing everything? Is there a larger version of the picture someplace?
No, that's as large as I have. The name of the establishment amuses me. it just "The Y Restaurant"?
Yes. "Eating out at the Y" is a rather blue euphemism.
Okay, I get that. I've never heard it before, but when you put it that way... I understand.
I swear you live under a rock.
What? I...I don' could you...I mean, really...well...
Yes, I miss things. My brain's capacity is VERY limited, and it's mostly full of Ed Wood and Rachel Maddow. And the space those two leave for thinking...well, it's broad, but it could be deeper.
I'm sorry, but I must echo this statement. I thought it was a college requirement to hear this sorta stuff.