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overheardinwv's Journal

Overheard in West Virginia
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Conversations around our Wild and Wonderful state
I love the voyeurism that comes with overheardinnyc. I read it every day. And I hear a ton of stuff locally that I think would amuse others or at least cause them to think. Or should cause us to think. For well over ten years, I've been the quiet one at the party with a notebook in hand. Failing that, I'll pull out a grocery receipt or tax statement or something and scrawl on it. I've usually got a pen in my pocket. I love this state and laugh at it often. I've moved away and moved back on purpose. I think we have something to say, even when we're making fun of ourselves. I really hope that you'll take hold of this project with me. This has nothing to do with myself. I have my own LJ. I was just pretty peeved when I tried to search for an overheardinwv community and it didn't exist. I'm asking you to help me start one. Come on, now. You know you've heard something crazy recently. So share. Pretty please?